Sunday, September 21, 2008

Two Big Announcements!

That's right...not one but two! (In one post...I know, I should pace myself.)

First, the winner of our September giveaway has been chosen. (Yes, randomly. No worries!) Kelli -- you're the one! Kelli's comment was, "Anything at all in the 'D' is for Dog print. Too cute and functional all rolled into one." Thanks to all who entered. We sure do love reading all of your comments. You all are the best! (Yes, I'm gushing...but it's true.)

Second...and this is a biggie....our chenille blankets and gift sets are now 30% off! These items are going to be discontinued, so don't hesitate to order. Several styles have already sold out and the others are going quickly.

I'll also fill you in on a little secret. We are working on a new line of modern minky blankets and blankees, so keep checking back for updates!

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