Thursday, January 15, 2009

40% off everything...while supplies last!!

40% off!?! I know. I have some explaining to do.

This is not an easy post to write. You see, lately I've been wondering if we should keep our doors open. This business was started 4 years ago when my first son was born. It was a way for me to stay home with my family...yet remain creative and make a little income on the side. Lately,however, I am feeling pulled in too many directions. I have been feeling more overwhelmed by this business rather than fulfilled by it.

The final straw came when Congress passed the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act. This law goes into affect February 10th and requires that all products made for children (ages 12 and under) undergo rigorous testing to prove that they don't contain lead or pthalates. While this sounds like a good idea (who doesn't want to get those lead tainted toys off the market??), the reality is that thousands of crafters and artisans will go out of business -- Mairzey Dotes included. I simply cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars to prove that my products, which have never contained toxins, STILL do not contain toxins. Click here to read more about this crazy law.

While I am not saying for sure that we are closing our doors...I feel strongly that God is telling me to take a new direction. I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, please take advantage of my indecisiveness and get 40% off your order by entering the code "thanks" at checkout. And please spread the word about the new legislation...and the big sale!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Best of 2008!!

The Editors at Cool Mom Picks (oh, how we love you, Kristen and Liz!) picked our bibs as the coolest bibs of 2008. Wow! I'm speechless.