Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rain Rain....Go AWAY!

It's been a typical Midwest March...and I am tired of it!! The first two weeks of the month we were stuck inside because of ice and snow storms. Now the end of the month is non-stop rain. Ugh! Can I tell you how much my kids and I need to GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!?!?!?! Yes, we are all going stir-crazy.

While the rain is good for my business (I actually stay inside and get work done!), I am longing for sunshine and warmth. And I must admit, these days definitely present a to entertain the kids??

So what have we been doing? Here's a short list I compiled:
  1. Daily "Jimmy Buffett" concerts performed by our 3 year old
  2. Making pillow forts
  3. Playing with play clay
  4. Candyland, Candyland, Candyland
  5. "Cooking" using ALL the tupperware in the house
And of course I'd be lying if I didn't say watching T.V.

What have you been doing??

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