Sunday, March 16, 2008

Inspiration in the Windy City

I'm energized. I'm refreshed. I'm ready to roll!! And I owe it all to this past weekend in Chicago.

After graduating from veterinary school, I took my first job in Chicago...where I lived from 2000 until 2006. You never forget your first job, your first apartment, the first day of your REAL life...and for me, that all happened in Lincoln Park (downtown Chicago.) So, not to get all sappy, but anytime I go back to the Windy City it definitely feels like going back home.

This past Saturday, I attended a women's entrepreneurial seminar organized by Country Living Magazine. Wow. Talk about inspiration! We listened to amazing successful women....such as Anna Griffin....yep...that's right. Anna Griffin -- THE stationary queen!! Did I say she was amazing??

After the seminar, I enjoyed a girl's night out. I was so excited to get time to visit with one of my greatest friends. She also happens to be a veterinarian that I met at my first "real" job --and we've been wonderful friends ever since. Anyway, it was so good to have some girl time! You know, as a wife and mother of two, it just doesn't happen as often as it should. Needless to say, we ended up sharing a bottle of wine and staying up until 4am talking about anything and everything...
Sunday, before I headed back home, I stopped by one of my retailers, "Twinkle Twinkle Little One." I was so fortunate to be able to celebrate the store's grand opening and to see my products in action! If any of you live in Chicago, you have GOT to visit this store....not because they carry Mairzey Dotes products, but because it is an absolutely amazing place. Rachel Glasson, the boutique's owner, has such an amazing eye for detail -- and it shows in her store and product selection. Wow! Where was that place when I was pregnant?? Unfortunately, I forgot my camera..but Rachel promised to send some when I get them, I will post for all of you to see. (By the way, her store is located at 3224 North Damen Avenue.)

So, it's late Sunday night...back in Indianapolis. I should be relaxing and off to bed soon, but like I said...I'm energized, the kids are sleeping...and I'm off to work!!

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IndyBabyExpo said...

I have been to her store...I used to live in Chicago.. what a small world.
That is great that your product is in her store!