Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Twitter Me This

So, are any of you Twittering? Do you know what Twitter is? Well, I'm Twittering...and I don't really know what it is! As one of my Twitter pals put it -- it's like Facebook for people with ADHD. Now, I never got into Facebook...or Myspace....or whatever else is out there. But for some reason I'm all a Twitter!

Basically, once you've signed up, you "follow" people and they "follow" you. This is pretty much your friends list. Then you and your friends post a sentence or two as to what you are currently doing. So, for example, my Twitter posts would be something like:

Just gave the kids a bath.
Just gave the dog a bath.
Just served my family a fabulous dinner (haha).
Enjoying a glass of wine before I hit the sack.

You see, it's NOT exciting. And the other people's posts are generally NOT exciting. So what's all the fuss? Why do I want to know what everyone else is doing? Why do they want to know what I'm doing? I mean, it's not like I'm Lindsay Lohan. (Thank goodness.)

I don't know. Can't explain it....yet I'm somehow getting addicted! Check it out, though. It's fun (for some reason). You can also follow my updates on this blog. Scroll down on the right side to the "Twitter Updates" area. And don't forget to follow me on Twitter!

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